Yet More AD&D


Quite some time ago (2012, in fact) I happened upon these in a second-hand bookshop.

I'm not a great fan of AD&D2e, as I found it mostly rather bland and uninteresting, with little that could be described as an improvement on AD&D1e. So I almost left them there, but in the end I didn't, and so now I own them.

This is the 1995 republication of AD&D2e, with new layout and illustration. There's also a little bit of new material, or at least, I've encountered some material in the DMG (which I'm reading at the moment) that I don't recall seeing in the 1989 edition. I haven't penetrated all that far into it as yet, but it's better than I remembered.

The layout is, in my opinion, an improvement over the 1989 version, and all the colour illustration certainly makes it more, well, colourful. For the most part, that's as much praise as I'm willing to give it: most of the illustrations are pretty pedestrian. There are some good pictures in there from talented illustrators, but most of them appear to have been done by very mediocre talents.

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