Funnel Filter

Along with my new Mars Pro printer came a set of small paper and mesh filter funnels, for use when emptying the printer's resin reservoir back into its bottle so you don't get any floating semi-cured bits in there.

These filters aren't expensive (though they're certainly not free) and they can be washed for reuse once or twice before they become too bedraggled, but I wanted something a bit more permanent so that I wouldn't have to keep reordering them.

Fortunately, I have my trusty old Ender 3 to help me. I whipped up this insert to use with a little plastic funnel.

I use the ring to clamp a piece of tulle (a very fine-meshed synthetic fabric) against the insert, and then put both of them into the funnel, secured with some clips. A couple of layers of sheer stocking pieces works well too; I use that a lot for filtering paint for my airbrushes.

The clips I've used here as a proof-of-concept are a bit over the top for the task; I have some small binder clips that I'll use instead.

The whole thing is easily disassembled for cleaning, or to replace the mesh if need be.

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