Things Are Never As They Seem


Oh boy! A huge chest, no doubt filled with treasures beyond your wildest imagining!

No, of course it isn't. Why would it be?

Naturally it's some sort of hideous monster who wants to eat your face.

This is a pair of models by (I think) Schlossbauer (though I could be wrong) on Thingiverse. It's not a great print; I hadn't really got the hang of how to reliably support woogly things like this and ended up with quite a few imperfections. I couldn't be bothered re-doing it though.

The Mimic is a D&D monster that has been around for at least as long as the AD&D Monster Manual in 1976, and maybe longer. In that book, it's described as a creature that morphs into the form of a chest or something to lure adventurers within reach of its chompy maw and bashy pseudopods. I prefer to think of it as a creature like a hermit crab, which seeks out a chest (or wardrobe, or whatever) and adopts it as a kind of shell, perhaps moving from one to another as it increases in size.

This is another Mimic, this time from Reaper. It hews much closer to the description as given in the Monster Manual, and it has its own charm.

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