Tubby Mech


This is one of the 18mm Wayfarer Tactics* figures collected on Thingiverse by DutchMogul. I assume that it's meant to be a huge tank-like mech rather than, say, a person-sized high-gee hostile environment suit, since it's actually about 45mm tall (not including the base).

I've printed this one at full size, but my sci-fi/space opera RPG mini collection is mostly old 15mm Traveller figures, and I'll print some more at about 20mm tall to represent the aforementioned hostile environment suit.

* Apparently there's a thing called Pocket Tactics that this range is derived from, about which I know absolutely nothing.

 Here it is, painted up, and shown alongside a Reaper 32mm sci-fi mini.

I've based it on a 32mm steel fender washer, to give it a bit of weight and shift its centre of gravity down.

These ones have been rescaled for use with my old 15mm FASA Traveller minis, and example of which is the tubby cop on his radio in the centre. They're 24mm tall, not including the bases.

I painted them all in rainbow colours to make them easily distinguishable on the tabletop.

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