Fleshwalker (revisited)


This is a miniature I've printed and painted before, Duncan Louca's Fleshwalker.

Last time, I printed it at 50% of its designed size; this time I've done it full-size, and I've gone for a blueish colour scheme rather than the browns I used last time. It's very big.

I've mounted it on three big 50mm steel washers, not because it needed to be based for stability, but rather to give it a bit of weight and to shift its centre of gravity right down.

The blue skin is only modestly successful, and all the boils and sores have ended up looking more like internal molten magma or something rather than pus-filled lesions. Never mind.

As always, Sergeant Measureby is present for scale, with his Spear of 5mm Increments.

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