Saturday 18 June 2022

Desert War in 1:150 Scale


For no particular reason, except my customary inability to stick to a project, I thought I'd try printing some desert stuff in 1:150 scale (10mm) just to see how they'd turn out. The 1:100 Valentine in the background is a plastic PSC kit, for comparison.

The Valentines are one of M. Bergman's 1:100 models scaled down, and the infantry are 15mm Brits from someone whose name I don't recall, kitbashed in Blender to create a standing Bren team and then also scaled down to 66.6%

I'm not sure that this will go anywhere soon; if I want to go smaller scale than 15mm, I have a bajillion 1/300 scale models sitting around in drawers already. If I was starting out from scratch again, 1:150 or even 1:200 would definitely have an attraction, but I think I'm far too heavily invested in 15mm now, in terms of models and terrain, to start with a whole new scale.

I think they look pretty good though.