What Did You Do In The Great War, Daddy?


I printed some of Bergman's 1/200 scale WW1 tanks (Mk. IVs) for no particular reason but to see what they'd look like in that scale.

I have a fair amount of H&R WW1 stuff in 1/300, but I have never ever actually played a WW1 game. In fact, I don't even know any rules for the period except for Great War Spearhead — and of those rules, I know of their existence, and that's about it.

No, wait, I tell a lie. I do own the Battlefront Great War giveaway; I think I got it with an issue of Wargames Illustrated. However, I'm so much not a fan of the way Flames of War has developed that I've barely even looked at it. Perhaps I should, just to be sure.

They paint up quite nicely I think. Having painted this one, I'll probably just leave the rest until I have some genuine use for them.

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  1. Lovely. I've printed out models from that pack and they have turned out great.