15mm Germans — Comparison


Bottom image has been mirrored, just to keep the
examples in the same relative position
Some time ago, I found a set of digitally modeled early WWII German infantry. Alas, I can no longer tell you who it was who originally sculpted them, but the chances are they came from Thingiverse. I didn't, at the time, have a printer capable of doing them justice, but now I have. So I gave one a test print.

They were originally intended as 6mm models, so compared with the Battlefront (metal) and PSC (injection-moulded plastic) examples, it looks very obese and dwarfish. Also, it could do with being reduced in size by maybe 5%. However, as a proof of concept, it stands up very well. I could, if I so chose, print myself whole armies in 15mm scale.

I have no need at all for 15mm German grenadiers; I have more BF and PSC figures than I'm ever likely to need. However, it bodes well for the production of figure types that would be uneconomic for a commercial manufacturer to produce. All that would be required is the motivation to actually sculpt the blasted things.


  1. Fitz, Jens Najewitz shows some 3DP 15mm Napoleonics on TMP (yesterday 17 Feb) which are well proportioned and bode well for the future. Traditional figure manufacturers beware! Geoff (WW2 1/144 gamer and printer)

  2. Pretty good for 6mm! He is pretty chubby for 15mm though :-)

    Regards, Chris.