SCP 3199


This little charmer is another 3d printed model, designed by Schlossbauer, and called by him SCP 3199. I don't know the significance of that name.

I printed it at 200% of the designed size, as I wanted a giant-sized monster. I ended up having to print the hands and forearms separately and add them after the fact, as the tree supports for the all-in-one model failed a bit and the hands turned out very poorly.

The base was printed as a plain disc; I just added some bits of gravel, and some superglue and baking soda.

As always, it's printed on my Ender 3. I used Tom Tullis' minis profile for Cura 4.8, which (apart from the supports) seems to have worked just fine.

Giant Trapdoor Spider


This gigantic trapdoor spider is 3d printed from a model by Schlossbauer, on Thingiverse. It's printed in eSun PLA+ on my Ender 3. I printed it scaled at at 150%, because I like my giant bugs to be really big.

The wizard is a very, very old mini, from a company called Asgard I think, and sold in the late 1970s. I got it from a friend and repainted it. The other mini is one of WotC's "iconic" character minis, from when they first published D&D3e. I think it's a class called a Loremaster; I can't remember the character name.

Marsh Dwellers Environment


Marsh Arabs, southern Iraq. Almost wiped out by that Grade A rotter, Saddam.

This will, without doubt, make its way into my FRPGing as an environment perfectly suited to piss off and frustrate my players.

As a side note, the two character abilities I prefer to keep out of my FRPGs are flying and seeing in the dark. Both of those things immediately reduce, or even remove, the feeling of danger in moving around a potentially hostile environment.

Unless it's actually the focus of the game, the FRPG trope I detest the most is that of a bunch of demigod-like super-people rampaging through a world of hapless, defenceless peons.

Heavy Flesh


This charming little chap is by a guy called Schlossbauer on Thingiverse, and he calls it Heavy Flesh. It recalls to mind an AD&D monster of some sort, from Monster Manual II I think, but I can't quite place it.

The spearman, for scale, is as usual Sergeant Measureby with his Spear of 5mm Increments.

The Flesh was printed in eSun PLA+ at 0.08mm on my Ender 3.