Panzer 35(t) (15mm)


As well as returning much better print quality,
the Mars prints a lot faster than my Ender 3.
A model like this prints in about two hours on the Mars
at 0.05mm layer height, while on the Ender 3 at 0.1mm
it would take 6 to 8 hours each.
This is a remix I've done of Bergman's 1:100 scale (15mm) Panzer 35(t).

I've refined a lot of the detail; most of the work has been in replacing all the rivets. So many rivets. So many.

I was considering upgrading the track tread detail as well, and I may revisit this decision, but I decided that for a wargaming model it wasn't worth the trouble.

First print, primed with
Vallejo Surface Primer

The first test printing went well, except that the gun barrel proved to be too thin and fragile, and it broke off while I was cleaning the print up.

I thickened it up a bit in the file, and subsequent prints have gone without a hitch.

It would be a simple matter to just reprint the bung model, but why go the easy way when there's a more difficult path to follow?

So I decided to replace the broken gun.

I turned up a new gun barrel from a small piece of brazing rod on my little mini-lathe.

The result is not nearly as clean as could be achieved on a proper watchmaker's lathe, but it will serve the purpose.

Once glued in place it looks the part well enough. It's thicker than a truly to scale gun would be, but in this small scale it looks about right, which is the main thing.

Plus, I can pretty much guarantee that this gun barrel is never going to get broken.

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