Witcher Crone Comparison


The coloured version of this Witcher Crone is one that I printed some time ago on my Ender 3 in PLA at 0.08mm. The monochrome one I printed today on the Elegoo Mars Pro in resin at 0.03mm. Both of them have been glued to 22mm steel washers.

I did this comparison just to see what I could expect from printing miniatures in resin. I was expecting, and I got, superior results from the Mars, but one thing that was really brought out to me is what a fantastic FDM printer the Ender 3 is, for the money. Certainly the PLA layer lines are visible in these close-ups, but frankly, on the gaming table they're insignificant.

The resin version from the Mars looks a lot more granular on its surface than it actually is; that's because I've done some zenithal highlighting with the airbrush. I would probably have been better to just use a solid base colour for a comparison shot like this.

The other thing this has shown me is that the extra printing time on the Mars, going from the 0.05mm default to 0.03mm, probably isn't really necessary. The surfaces on the 0.03mm model are certainly very smooth, but frankly, once a coat of paint goes on, I doubt that there'd be much perceptible difference.

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