The "Shrieker" entry from the AD&D Monster Manual 1

Shriekers are an old-school monster that seem to have fallen out of favour with modern D&D players, mainly, I think, because the idea of the Wandering Monster encounter is sneered at and derided as poor DMing practice these days. The only real function of the Shrieker as a monster is to attract wandering monsters, after all.

There's another fungoid monster, the Violet Fungus, which looks just like a Shrieker but which will infect characters with a super-fast flesh rotting disease. The Violet Fungus exists, as far as I can tell, simply to prevent players from charging through a colony of Shriekers as fast as possible so as to avoid any potential wandering monsters.

These Shriekers are printed from a model by Schlossbauer, on Thingiverse. They're printed at 0.1mm layer height in eSun PLA+ on my Ender 3. Sergeant Measureby is, as usual, included for scale.

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