1940 French


While I was looking through some drawers for something else, I happened upon this little bunch of 1:100 (15mm) WWII French stuff.

They're mostly 3d printed, except for the Char B2, the Renault FTs, and the Panhard-Schneider half-tracks, which all came from Battlefront.

The thing is, I have no 15mm French infantry at all, and with the international mailing situation being as it is these days, I'm probably not going to be getting any. That means that apart from being used as occasional Allied attachments for my BEF force, they're unlikely to see any use at all. I suppose I could use some of them as Beutepanzer for the Germans, but I don't fancy repainting the ones that I've already put so much work into.

It's a bit of a pity, really.

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  1. Wouldn't want to repaint them either! The camo is superb. Well, you can always get some infantry when things are back on track.