While I was browsing through the files in my digital object library, I happened upon this model: a Daimler Großtraktor from between the wars, the precursor to the Neubaufahrzeug. 

I have no memory of where I got the file from, nor who actually designed it in the first place.

I have no particular use for one of these things; they never went beyond the prototype stage, and never saw action at all. Still, that's never stopped me in the past. So I've decided to print and paint one.

There's a photograph of a Großtraktor mounted on a ramp as a gate-guard outside some complex or other, during WWII and it was painted in the pre-war 3-colour scheme. That's how I intend to paint this model, once I've got it printed.

It's a different version than the one I have — a Krupp production I think — but never mind. 

Here's my finished print, and it's pretty ropey.

I could find no information on interwar German tactical markings at all, so I made them up based on the sorts of crosses that appeared on German tanks in the last days of WW1.

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  1. Great design- I love the rear turret hinting at its presumed breakthrough role.