Tank Number One


The very first tank off my Mars Pro — my 1:100 (15mm) M3 Grant. Even at the lowest possible default resolution for that printer (0.05mm), it produces a very nice, clean result. I might even be able to print some 15mm infantry that look like something more than vaguely humanoid blobs.

I dragged out some old Battlefront decals this time, rather than painting the tactical markings on. They're neater, I guess, but I think I really prefer painting them.

A few days later...

I redesigned the turret to include a commander figure poking up out of his hatch, and printed and painted an example.


  1. The complex shape of the turret came out perfectly, most excellent work!

  2. That looks fantastic- a definite step up from an FDM print.



  3. Splendid! Effectively looks like a commercially made figure.

    Do you have one from the Ender 3 to compare against?

    1. The FDM printed version is here: http://mojobob.blogspot.com/2020/05/grant-1100.html

      I haven't printed a commander turret in FDM; it hardly seems worth the effort. It would print all right, but I'd lose most of the detail.