AEC Deacon


Here's a couple of prints of my 1:100 (15mm) AEC Deacon model.

The Deacon was a 6 pounder anti-tank gun mounted on an armoured AEC truck chassis. It was used as a SPAT solely in North Africa in 1942-43, but some were later converted for use as unarmed armoured ammunition carriers for use in Italy and Normandy.

The STLs are available for sale at

The one on the left was printed at 0.1mm in eSun PLA+, the one on the right at 0.08mm in PLA. The PLA+ printed much cleaner, though both suffer from a lot of noise in the Z-axis — apparently I need to do something about separating the lead screw from the Z-axis motor. More research is indicated.

Some renders of the model from Blender. Much cleaner.

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