Yet another Vickers

15mm version —
I've modified my 3d-printed 1/100 scale (15mm) Vickers Medium Mk.II to the Mk.II* with turret bustle and enhanced ventilation for tropical deployment — e.g. India or Egypt.

It's available now at

I've only recently learned that the Italian WWII 47mm anti-tank gun was a licence-built copy of an Austrian design with virtually identical performance to the 3pdr used in many interwar British tanks. That's handy, because while accuracy and penetration data is readily available for the Italian version, there's not a hell of a lot available for the 3pdr. In short... compared with the 40mm 2pdr, it really sucked.

6mm version —
I've now also made it available in 1/285 scale, as a sprue of five vehicles.

That one's at

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