The Dastardly (Sun-Tanned) Hun

These PzKfw II aren't much opposition to the Crusaders, but they're a beginning. I have some PzKfw III waiting in the wings.

They're all old GHQ models, and they'd all lost their guns some time in the past. I replaced them with lengths of brass wire (from 0.55mm sequin pins). Three of them have Rommelkette, the other two do not.


And here are the first of the Panzer III.

These are Heroics & Ros miniatures. I have a whole lot more Panzer III from GHQ waiting to be painted; they're perceptibly bigger than these, and better detailed. Nevertheless, I have a fondness for the H&R models.


  1. what are you going to use figures wise?

    1. I've got some H&R Afrika Korps and 8th Army, and also some GHQ Brits, but I haven't done anything much with them owing to my eyesight getting generally worse with age, and also for lack of an opponent for micro WW2 games. I really should sell off all my 6mm stuff that I'm not using any more, but whenever I've sold any of my wargaming stuff I've always come to regret it.