Paint Stand

Here's the paint stand that I cut out of 3mm MDF with Andrew's little CNC router. It's about 300mm across its widest diameter, with 30mm tiers.

It's mounted on a cheap plastic rotating 'lazy susan' tray that I got a few years ago from K-Mart. At the moment it's just stuck to it with Blu-Tak, and unless that turns out to be inadequate it will probably continue to be so.

It will hold up to 67 25mm Vallejo dropper-bottles — it should have been 69, but we accidentally deleted two cavities from the top tier when we were messing about restarting the cutting after one or another failure. It's currently got all my ModelAir paints, washes, inks and special purpose bottles in it. All of the ModelColor and GameColor paints are in another rack of a similar tiered design, though constructed quite differently and much more heavily.

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