Crusaders by the score

A galore of Cruisers
I'm making a start on some of the multitude of 6mm micro-armour I got at the last CWC bring-&-buy. It's an eclectic mix, with a conglomeration of early and late war stuff — Jagdtigers versus A13 Cruisers versus PzIV versus Comets. I thought I'd begin with the Crusaders.

There are another three that need to have their gun barrels replaced, but since the games I play are unlikely to ever need even this many Crusaders all at once, they're not a terrifically high priority.

I don't know for sure which manufacturer they come from, but I suspect they're quite old GHQ models, judging by the turret pegs and hollow hulls — I thought at first they might be PFC C-inC, but those tend to be modelled with very broad turret rings and solid hulls, unlike these ones. Most of them have had their guns replaced with wire at some point, which suits me fine; I usually do that anyway.

In the top row there are also a Bishop SPG and Dorchester command vehicle from Heroics & Ros, and a Bedford (?) command truck, probably also from GHQ.



I did a couple of test pieces — it's been quite a while since I've done any desert vehicles in this scale, so I'm having to work it out all over again.

I'm OK with how the Bishop turned out, but I'm not terribly happy with the Crusader. I'm going to have to refine my wash technique a bit — I probably should gloss-varnish them before adding the wash so that it doesn't over-darken the flat planes.

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