MicroDesert Painting

Left: Dorchester command vehicle, by Heroics & Ros
Right: Another command vehicle, Bedford maybe (?), possibly from GHQ from H&R.
Continuing with my bajillion micro-tanks and things — we've got a couple of command vehicles here, and the first troop of Crusaders are done.

The Dorchester (from Heroics & Ros) is in the Caunter camouflage scheme, though the darkest shade doesn't look right to me. I may go over it with a KG#3 mix. The other one — I don't know exactly what vehicle that is, or who made it is a Bedford command vehicle, also by Heroics & Ros..

I've settled on this scheme for the disruptive-camouflaged Crusaders; it's pretty quick and easy to do. I'll be doing some of them in over-all desert yellow as well, which is even easier.


Crusaders in overall desert yellow
The Crusader in the background is one that I experimented on using ArmyPainter Quickshade. It was not a success; it mostly just made the desert yellow look grimy. But I managed to salvage it a bit with some over-painting, and it will do.

While I was hunting through the lead pile, I was temporarily distracted by these A-13 Cruisers Mk.IV, which I painted up in BEF Khaki-Green #3, with the large white-red-white identification side panels that were painted on the turrets of some A-13s. I can't imagine that they were terribly popular with the crews, because they really stand out like dogs' balls.

A-13 Cruiser Mk.IV

Later still....

I re-did the Dorchester's Caunter, using Vallejo German Field Grey for the darkest Slate Grey tone, quite heavily dry-brushed with Green Grey to lighten it a bit, and lightening the sand colour with ModelAir Ivory Sand. I'm a lot happier with it now.

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