Shapeways stuff again

Left to right: Vorshilovetz tractor, Komintern tractor, Burford-Kegresse MG Carrier.
All in 1/100 (15mm) scale.
A new shipment arrived from Shapeways today, after being held up in customs and having its cost to me increased by nearly 45% due to juuuuuuuust creeping over the dollar value when our brave NZ Customs start slapping on duty and GST and imposts and levies and fees. Well, fuck. I'll know better next time.

Here they are in all their naked WSF glory, all in 1/100 scale (15mm). From left to right they're the Vorshilovetz tractor (Soviet Union), the Komintern tractor (Soviet Union), and the Burford-Kegresse MG Carrier (UK).

Sometimes I like WSF better than others. When it's fresh and new like this, I sometimes think the models look like tiny snow sculptures.

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