One of the characters in my AD&D campaign is a female ranger called Taxon, whose weapon of choice is a hammer.

Finding a miniature of a female fighter type wielding a warhammer isn't all that easy. I certainly don't have one amongst my giant stash of unpainted figures, so I made one. Or rather, I converted one.

Reaper Bones 89011
Seelah, Iconic Paladin

This (left) is the miniature I started from. It's one that I got in one of Reaper's early Bones Kickstarters.

I cut off her sword and made the hammer from a bit of brazing rod and some plastic sprue.

It's a club-hammer rather than a warhammer, but that's mainly because the thought of carving a teensy-tiny warhammer made me cringe. It's a hammer, and that'll be enough I hope.

It only occurred to me after I'd done all the work that if I'd looked amongst my cleric figures instead of the fighter types, I could probably have found something that didn't require any messing about at all. Oh well.

Couple of days later...

I've given her a paint job, though I'm not entirely happy with it. My eyesight is really degrading these days, and I don't imagine it will ever get any better.

In the course of painting the figure I realised that she has almost no nose. That indicates to me that it's one of Reaper's early plastic figures; they had issues with quite a few of their miniatures where the plastic didn't properly fill the mould, or maybe the moulds hadn't been made properly.

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