Basic Roleplaying — Printing & Binding


Since Chaosium want to charge a ridiculous amount of money for postage to New Zealand for a hard copy of Basic Roleplaying (an extra $US85 on top of the fifty bucks or so for the book), I took their 99 cent PDF from DTRPG instead and printed and bound it myself.

It's 400 pages, so quite a job for my elderly Brother laser printer, but I eventually got through it, twenty pages at a time.

I decided to print it myself rather than take it to a printery, because all the printeries want to charge about ten cents per page. However, as it turned out I had to replace two toner colour cartridges in the course of printing, so it would have been cheaper (and a lot less trouble) to have got a professional to do it.

I suppose I would have had to get new toner cartridges eventually anyway, but not quite so soon.

It's a very simple binding: just glued, then drilled and stitched, and glued into card covers. With the stitching, it should be a fairly durable item (I hope). The red outer is just a card slip-cover with a print of the cover art glued in place. The pages are attached to the covers by glued paper strips, but I haven't glued in actual endpapers — someday maybe, but it's not a high priority.

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