Afrika Korps Kubelwagen (15mm)


I have not got around to doing much about Axis infantry for the desert war. I've done a few (very few) Italians, but no Afrika Korps at all until now.

The Kubelwagen is a 1:100 scale model by Bergman, to which I've added some infantry figures of my own design. If I can be bothered, I might do an alternative version with the figures wearing the cloth cap instead of helmets, and maybe some goggles as well.

A bit later...

I've swapped out all the heads for a cap-wearing head from another file.

I'm not sure I'm all that happy with it; maybe a mix of caps and helmets would be better.

Even more later...

Yep, a mix of headgear looks much better, so that the passengers aren't all too samey-samey.

I've refined the Kubelwagen a bit as well. I've replaced the mudguards with some thinner ones and given them a bevel on the outside edge, I've thinned down the upper edge of the body shell, and given the tyres an indication of some tread.

It's coming together.

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