In Progress...


In the foreground is the first test print of the 15mm 2pdr portee I recently bashed together. It's just in its primer underpants at the moment, and there's a bunch of stowage to go on yet.

Behind it, a Crusader III (left) and a Crusader I (or maybe II) in Caunter. The appearance of the Crusader in North Africa only overlapped the official existence of the Caunter scheme by a couple of months, but that's enough excuse for me to paint a Cauntered-up Crusader.

I printed the Crusader I in FDM before I got my Mars Pro resin printer, and I thought it was pretty sweet at the time. Hoo boy, the difference in surface quality between that and the resin Crusader III is pretty stark — it doesn't look so egregious here, because they're both out of focus. Still, it will serve perfectly well as a wargaming model.

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