BA-27M (1931)

The figures are 15mm plastic Russians from PSC

Here's the test print of my latest 1:100 (15mm) digital model, a Soviet BA-27M armoured car of 1931. There were still about 120 of them in service when the Germans invaded in 1941, so although it was an interwar design, it also counts as WWII equipment for the Soviets, and captured examples were also taken into German service.

It mounts the same turret as used on the T-18 tank, with a copy of the French Puteaux 37mm gun and a 7.62mm machine-gun.

The STLs are available at

And here it is in a coat of paint. It could probably do with a bit more panel highlighting; that overall 4BO green tends to look a bit bland in small scales.


  1. Very nice print. What resin are you using? Also what slicer program and Settings. I'm still stuck in the filament printer world. But I hear Santa Claus might be nice to me this year. Merry Christmas.

  2. I use eSun water-washable resin and Chitubox. I just use the default settings Chitubox provides for my printer, the Elegoo Mars Pro.