CMP 2-pounder Portee


I've spent the afternoon bashing together a CMP 2 pounder portee from various sources. The lorry is cut down from one of Bergman's CMP 3-tonners, with new wheels and accoutrements. The 2 pounder and gunner come from 3dBreed, and the rest of the crew are my own sculpts.

Note: because so much of the IP in this model is not my own, the STL will not be available for distribution. Sorry about that.


I've since added the wheels for the 2 pounder, and the two ramps that were used to get the gun on and off the truck.

There was another method of carrying the wheels, that had them in a pair of buckets off the end of the truck bed — I think, judging by the preponderance of photos, that that was the more common arrangement. However, I had room to put them on the bed (secured by wing-nuts) so I did, mainly because it would hugely simplify 3d printing, which is already going to be a bit tricky.

Judging by photos of the thing in action, it should also be piled high with all kinds of tarps and knapsacks and buckets and all manner of tat. That sort of stuff can be added later, via traditional modelling methods, which will give some individuality to different models.

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