T27a tankette (1:285)

Here's the diminutive interwar Soviet T27a tankette in 1:285 scale. It's small enough in 1:100, but this one is only about 9.5mm long.

It's at http://shpws.me/MDlJ

They really need to be used in swarms, so I may have to go back on my resolution to delay sprued multiples just this once. I'll have to find out something about the composition of the units they were used in to determine the optimal number to put on a sprue.

OK, so it turns out that the pricing sweet spot for this one is for ten tankettes on the sprue. The single model is $11, while this lot — two whole platoons of tankettes — is only $15.

I couldn't find precise information about the Soviets' use of tankettes specifically, but I did find out that light tank battalions used five-tank platoons right up until they were disestablished in 1943, and I'm making the assumption that tankettes were organised similarly.

The ten-up sprue is available at http://shpws.me/MDzT

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