New bits from Heroics & Ros

2 pounder portee
2 pounder anti-tank gun and crew

A small package awaited me when I fought my way through the storm to the letterbox today — my most recent order from Heroics & Ros. I bought some bits and pieces to fill out my forces for the WWII .desert war.

As well as the things I've photographed here, I got some kneeling German artillery crews to man the crewless German guns I already have, and some 8th Army infantry in desert dress with their knees showing — plus some British heavy weapons teams to give them some support.

The main reason I've photographed these at all is because I recently got a cheap Chinese ring-flash for my camera, and I wanted to try it out. Its performance is not stellar, and its communication with the camera is rudimentary, but it fills a niche. I shall have to attach a Minimum Safe Distance prong to it though; the camera focuses to a closer distance than the ring-flash can illuminate evenly.
Bishop 25 pdr SPG

Rommel personality set

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