Peter Pig speed-painting

15mm early WW1 Germans advancing from Peter Pig
I've had these guys sitting around unfinished for far too long, so I thought I'd accelerate them with a speed-painting experiment.

They're very simply block-painted, and then brushed with ArmyPainter Quickshade (Dark Tone). That stuff dries (very slowly) to a high gloss, so I gave them a squirt with Vallejo matte varnish; the middle chap in the group to the left has had some bits missed in his crevices. If I remember, I'll include him in a later batch for re-spraying, but the chances are good that I won't remember.

The QuickShade finish is quite crude, but it is certainly quick (apart from the drying time), and it provides a shading finish that I'm happy enough with for gaming purposes. I wouldn't use it for display models.

I rather like Peter Pig figures. The only real issue I have with them is that the range of poses in a set tends to be quite limited, but that's not a big problem when they're going to be used simply as playing tokens.

Oh, the white beads glued to the figure bases by their feet are what I use to indicate a figure's weapon load. My eyes are getting steadily more and more decrepit, so it's helpful for me to have an indicator that means I don't have to keep bending down to figure-level and squinting to see what'what. The white beads mean rifles.

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