2 pounders (1:300 scale)

Among the models I got from Heroics & Ros recently were these 40mm 2 pounder anti-tank guns. It was, in its day, the best anti-tank gun around, and the British used it to arm just about everything; though it was obsolescent by quite early in WWII, it was kept in service past its use-by date mainly because it was logistically expedient. It was eventually replaced by the 57mm 6 pounder.

I'll be using these to haul them around the battlefield. I'm not sure precisely what they are or who made them, but I think they're more H&R models, and the word "FORD" is engraved on their underside along with a product number (now unreadable, as I've glued magnets under there).

I assume it's meant to represent one of the variants of the CMP 15 cwt truck.

I don't know if they originally had separate canopies, but if so they're long gone. So, I'm adding tilt frames out of copper wire, as on the one on the front-left.

Later on....

I've finished the tilt-frames, and made a tilt for one out of Green Stuff.

I found it quite difficult to keep the putty tilt square and sharp, and I think I'll probably have to artificially enhance its geometry with paint. Nevertheless, it's a good enough result for my purposes.

And now for some paint. I'll do them in Caunter, I think.

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