CMP Caunter

These Ford CMP 15cwt trucks are from Heroics & Ros, with tilt-frames and a tilt added by me from copper wire and Green Stuff.

I like the Caunter pattern camouflage scheme. It's a pity it didn't last longer in service. I don't know enough about it to know why it was superseded, but I imagine there were good reasons.

The Vallejo triad I use for the Caunter colours are

  1. GameColor 72.034 Bone White (lightest tone, Light Stone)
  2. ModelColor 70884 Stone Grey (middle tone, Silver Grey)
  3. Panzer Aces 318 US Army Tank Crew (dark tone, Slate)

I started out using ModelColor 70830 German Fieldgrey WWII as the darkest tone, but in this scale it was just a little too dark. The lightest tone, Light Stone, should be a warmer pale yellow-ochre shade, but again I've lightened it because in this small scale it just looked wrong.

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