Old, old mini - repaint WIP

Rummaging around last night amongst the many, many miniatures I all too seldom actually use in play, I found this old guy.

He's DA35 (or 33?) - Human magic-user from Asgard's Dungeon Adventurers range, which I recall seeing advertised from the mid '70s in Military Modelling magazine, and by today's standards the sculpting is.... shall we say, quaint. Even in those days, Asgard figures were generally the poor cousins of Ral Partha when it came to crispness of sculpting and casting, but I have a fondness for the DA range because they actually modeled the figures with equipment like packs, rope, torches, lanterns and what-not.

The other thing I like about them is that they tended to be modeled in less cinematic poses than has become popular these days. They're generally fairly upright, maybe a little static, but they work excellently as playing tokens because they don't take up more room on the game board than they need, and they reflect their character archetype well enough in most cases as to be instantly identifiable. This guy is a prime example — what could he possibly be but a wizard? He's got a pointy hat, for cripes sake!

Anyway. I don't recall precisely how this guy came to me. He belonged to a friend, though I don't remember which one, who brought him along to one of our games and left him behind, and he ended up in my collection.

As I write this, he's sitting in a bath of Simple Green having his paint stripped off, and I'll be repainting him in a day or two. I'm quite looking forward to it.


  1. I also prefer the non-heroic sculpts.

  2. A rope, pack and a wineskin(?) ...that is great!

    I'm looking forward to seeing his renewal.
    Thanks for sharing.