Another old miniature for restoration

Here's another very old figure I found while rummaging around in my Abandoned Figures Repository. I painted him when I first got him in 1981, but at some stage I must have decided to repaint him and forgotten about him after the undercoat went on. I don't even remember when that might have been, so it must have been quite a few years ago.

I'm not completely sure which company made this guy, but I think it was Ral Partha. There is some engraving under the base, but it's not very clear — the only easily decipherable text is "1977", which I guess is its design date.

[Edit: sure enough, it's listed as Ral Partha ES Series RP01-059 - Fire Giant. Not really big enough to be a D&D fire giant, but there you go.]

He's a giant, and stands about 45mm tall from toes to crown (not including his honking great godentag). As usual, I've glued him to a steel washer, both to make him more stable, and so that I can store him on a magnetic mat. It looks as though I just slapped the white undercoat on straight over the old paint, so that will probably have to come off and a new undercoat put on the bare metal.

This guy is unlike almost any other giant figure I've seen, being rather skinny and stringy rather than the Hulk-like brutes that are usually presented as giants. That and his crazed hippy-like hair and beard and his great beaky nose make him an attractive figure to me.... maybe attractive isn't quite the right word, but I like him.

I tend to find large areas of bare flesh rather daunting when it comes to painting, but we'll see how he goes.

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