Char B1(bis) - WIP

My next modeling project is this 15mm (1/100th scale) WWII French tank, a Char B1(bis) by Battlefront.

This is actually their Beutepanzer (captured tank) model as it would have appeared in German service, and it's sold as a Flammpanzer (flame-throwing tank) with a choice of the flamethrower nozzle and fuel tank, or the 75mm howitzer in the hull-front. There's apparently some extra armour in front that the French original didn't have.

I've modeled it with the howitzer in place, because I want to paint it as if in French service. I don't care too much about the armour detail; even with it, it still looks just like a Char B1(bis). To tell the truth, I can't see any difference at all — maybe the extra armour is part of the flamethrower nozzle piece? Beats me.

The French used quite a range of paint schemes on their WWII armour, but the one I like the best is a blobby, black-outlined three-colour scheme like this one, and that's what I'm going to paint on this guy.

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