Tonight's game

We have one player whose character is out of it for the moment, having gone all limp and floppy after coming back from the dead, just like the Dread Pirate Wesley. I thought she could take over a couple of NPCs for the evening, so that she could be doing something constructive....

Within ten minutes of starting the game, both of them had critically failed their saves against some fire-breathing devil-frog-mastiff-monsters, taken about five times their total hit-points, and been vapourized except for the traditional comedy smoking shoes.

So, that didn't work quite as well as it might have.

The rest of the party spent the evening trying to weasel their way around a rather urbane wizardy-type gentleman, of whom they suspected terrible things but were not quite sure, and who (if he is indeed who they think he is) is protected by a powerful charm making those who abuse his hospitality quite defenseless against him. The flip side of the charm is a geas on him, preventing him from harming anyone he has accepted as a guest... so, stalemate.

It was interesting to watch when a party discovers they can't fall back on the tried and true frontal-attack-kill-them-all-and-ask-questions-later strategy.

Two of the players are away next week, so no game for a fortnight.

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