Terrain, Ensmallened and Tinified

 This is one of Printable Scenery's 3-piece 28mm terrain pieces that I've joined together digitally, solidified, and rescaled to a 6mm size. It's ended up about an inch long, and printed on my Ender 3 in eSun black PLA+.

This was an experimental piece to see if pieces like this for 6mm wargaming would be worth printing by FDM, and overall I'd say it's a definite success. There's some detail missing in the shutters, but the roof tile and brick textures show up well.

Print times are an issue though. This was printed at 0.1mm, and it took quite a while — printing a whole wargames table of houses would take me a week or two at least.

For that reason, and with the side effect of giving me better detail resolution, I'd be better off filling up the build plate of my Mars Pro and printing six or nine at a time. I'd have to hollow it out to save on resin, but that would be no big deal.

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  1. That is only an inch long? Excellent result! Even at 15mm that could be used, with some work anyway.