Bob Semple Redesign

I've begun the process of redesigning my 15mm (1:100) "Bob Semple" tank to make it easier to print in FDM.

I got this model printed for me by Shapeways years ago, but I've never got around to printing one on my own machine, so this is it. I have put it up on wargaming3d at and I'll update that entry with these new files.

I've split it into six components, and added locating sockets to the hull and the turret sized for the use of short lengths of 1.75mm printer filament as pins.

Next up: clean-up and assembly of the newly printed parts. The excitement mounts.

The top and bottom of the hull are glued together first. Short lengths of filament, about 10mm long, are used as locating pins.

The pieces warped ever so slightly on the heated printer platen, so the join will need a little bit of filling, but I don't think it will be all that noticeable on the finished piece.

The running gear goes on next. The hull is already provided with axles, and the track modules with sockets for them, so they go on easy-peasy.

The turret and the cylinder that keeps it in place on the hull (and provides a socket for a 6x1mm magnet) is joined together in the same fashion as the hull sections.

The locating peg ensures that the turret post is exactly centred on the turret base.

And that's it, all done and ready for painting.

Those Japanese invaders better watch out now!

Note: while the Bob Semple's turret was clearly intended to rotate freely, it's actually unclear whether any kind of rotation mechanism was ever installed. The beast never saw action (thankfully for the crews) and as a civilian morale builder it never really needed such luxuries.

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