New FDG Bits

I backed the recent Kickstarter by Fat Dragon Games, and today they started sending out links to the STL files for the new stuff. This openable dungeon door is the first of them that I've printed and painted.

One thing about this piece, with its rather narrow base, is that when it's open the weight of the door tends to pull it over. That will probably be less apparent when it has other floor tiles next to it to rest on.

I've trimmed off most of the base, since I don't use clips and things to hold everything together. I find that securing everything together slows setup enormously, and also print times for the trimmed versions are somewhat faster.

The new tiles are half-height (i.e. low walls), which I'm much more likely to use, since they make handling miniatures much easier than the full-height versions.

Next Day:

I printed a bulk lot of door pieces, and one of the doors fell over about two thirds of the way through and so was incomplete.

I whipped up a barred grill top piece and glued it on to the incomplete door, and hey presto, fixed.

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