Thursday 30 March 2023

Depth of Field Demonstration

What follows is a series of photographs to demonstrate the effect of aperture (f-stop) on depth of field, i.e., the area in which the image is sharp.

All the photos have been taken with the point of focus being on the rebel pilot in red in the middle, and with automatic exposure. They start with an aperture of f-36, the smallest aperture my Nikon DSLR is presently capable of, and run through in standard aperture steps to f-5.3, the largest aperture I can manage with this lens. The camera will actually handle intermediate aperture steps as well, but for demonstration purposes these eight images will be sufficient.

Note: the photos were taken using a multi-area focusing system, and strictly speaking I should have used spot metering, centered precisely on the Red Dude. However, these will have to do as I am too lazy to repeat it all.

The miniatures are WotC Star Wars pre-paints, and are staggered at one inch (25mm) intervals. The camera's focal plane (i.e. the image sensor) was about 750mm from the focal point (i.e. the guy in red).

Click on the photos to see them at full size (or as large as your screen allows).

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