Kettenkrad and Goliath


The prolific Mr. Bergman recently released his 1:100 scale models of the Kettenkrad tracked motorcycle, and the Goliath and Springer demolition vehicles.

The Kettenkrad had no driver, so I made one for it.

Kettenkrad and Goliath, on and off its trailer

I've printed the Goliath both on and off its trailer, and I'll base the Kettenkrad and trailer in such a way that they can be used together or separately. The little Goliath on its own can just go on a washer, like the infantry.

Next day...

The Goliath is painted and mounted on a 22mm washer.

It is both teeny and tiny.

Next next day...

Finished the 15mm Kettenkrad to go with the 15mm Goliath.
Will it ever see any use on the tabletop? Maybe, maybe not. Better to have it than not, in my view, because you never know.

Next next next day...

Here's the Springer demolition vehicle from the same set. Again, it lacked a driver, so I added one myself.

The Springer was based on the Kettenkrad tracked chassis with an extra set of road wheels and lacking the front forks, and carried a demolition charge of 330kg. It was driven near to its target, and then the driver dismounted and it was guided on to the target and detonated, either by wire or by radio control. It was, naturally, pretty dangerous for the driver-controller.

It was a single-use device, and was really too complex and expensive to be justified; only about 50 were made.

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  1. That goliath is so cute! Also shows the viability of printing 6mm tanks.