My First Proper Dice


These were the first dice I ever bought for playing AD&D with, back in 1981. The red ones came with a yellow crayon to rub into the numbers; I don't remember what colour the yellow ones came with as I coloured them with a Rotring pen instead.

The green-numbered yellow d4, the red d10, and one of the red d12s aren't my originals. I don't know what happened to my original d10, nor where this one came from.

They've stayed in reasonably good condition, considering the shitty soft plastic they're made from. That's mostly because as soon as I could (still in 1981) I got myself some harder, sharper, much more expensive Gamescience dice to use, and put these ones aside.

That d20 is actually a d10 — it's marked 0 to 9 twice, and it's always been my favourite style of d20. I marked one set in black and the other in red, using the reds as 11 to 20; I once had a second one as well, and I have no idea where it has got to. I didn't bother buying an expensive Gamescience d6, since they were so readily available just about anywhere.

I used these dice for years and years before I started expanding my dice collection, which is now reaching the point of being a bit excessive.

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