Decals for tiny aeroplanes


I hate using decals, but I also hate painting RFC or RAF roundels. So, decals it is.

However, these little aeroplanes I printed (this one is a Sopwith Camel) are 1/200 scale, not a scale that anybody but me is interested in, it seems. 

Fortunately for me, somebody recommended to me Kevin Hammond of Miscellaneous Miniatures, and he very kindly whipped up some custom-sized sheets of RFC roundels, German crosses, and some lozenge pattern camouflage.

His prices are very reasonable, his customer service is exceptional, and he sends out the decals by letter post, so postage rates aren't nearly as terrifying as USPS parcel rates have become in recent years. It took about two weeks or so for my order to reach me here in New Zealand from him in the USA.

The decals on each sheet are all printed on a contiguous piece of film, so they need to be trimmed before use. However, the film seems to be very clear and reasonably thin, so its edges disappear under a coat or two of matte varnish.

Note: this is not a very good 3d print — I did it when I was brand new to using ChituBox, and I didn't do the supports very well at all. However, it's still recognisable as a Camel, so I see no reason not to make use of it.

 This one is an Albatros D-II, also in 1/200 scale. It's not my design, and I'm no longer sure who it was who originally created it — I've had the STL for quite a while.

This model doesn't have three-dimensional wing ribs built in, so the ribs have had to be painted on. All in all, that's no big deal — in fact, it probably makes life a bit easier, especially when it comes to applying decals.

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