15mm Vehicle Passengers


I have been messing about in Blender, sculpting some 15mm WWII British infantry that I can use to populate transport vehicles.

These ones are wearing variants of the Mk.III "turtle" helmet, introduced in 1944, and worn (with modifications to the liner and strap) right up until 1985, when it was replaced by the kevlar type similar to that worn today.

I printed these guys on my Mars Pro, and I'm pretty happy with them overall. There's more that I can (and will) do to them, and I'd like a wider range of poses and weapons, but as a proof of concept I'd call them a success.

Next Day:

I've put these, and some other sets, up at my shop on wargaming3d.com.

Some Brits in Mk.II helmets. These helmets remained in use right up until the end of the war, but were gradually replaced in service.

And some early WWII Germans:

Here are the Germans added to a SdKfz 7 STL, and all printed together.
This gives better, more natural results than printing the figures separately and then gluing them into an empty model.

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