10mm BAOR 3d Prints


A while ago, before PSC had got around to releasing its 10mm NORTHAG stuff, I thought I'd 3d print some for myself. At that time I only had my Ender 3 printer, and though the resulting prints were okay for game pieces, they weren't fantastic.

Recently I got myself an Elegoo Mars Pro resin printer, so I thought I'd print some more to see how they'd look. I'm pretty happy with they way they turned out, in the end.

I doubt that I'll proceed with this project though. Now that infantry are readily available from PSC and elsewhere, and the amount of infantry I'm liable to need for a game means that the cost isn't too exorbitant, there doesn't seem to be all that much point in DIY stuff.

For comparison, here's a fire-team I printed in PLA
on my Ender 3 FDM machine.

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  1. The FDM figures are actually pretty decent, but yes, buying PSC figures makes a lot more sense even if they cost a bit more, because of the time factor.