Thrills! Drama! Excitement!

I dragged a much-depleted old(ish) reel of blue no-name PLA out of the drying cupboard yesterday, and put it on to print out a 15mm 88mm Bunkerknacker, which it did just fine(ish). What I wasn't expecting though was that it glued itself to the bed so effectively that when I came to remove it, after everything had cooled down, I had to exert so much force that the main component split right through and flew off the bed in two pieces.

Fortunately the break was clean, and I could glue it back together easily enough, but the rough handling has bent a few bits here and there. Nothing too serious.

I had forgotten that I hadn't needed any hairspray or anything at all to help that particular filament stay on the bed.

I'm getting a lot of horizontal banding recently, and this old PLA filament shows it up even worse than my usual eSun PLA+. I'm not quite sure how to fix it; all my belts seem to be tight, and the z-screw has been lubricated. Maybe I've got a screw loose somewhere.....

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