Bunkerknacker (15mm, 3d print)

Not a great model, nor a great print, but it should give those Matildas something to worry about.
These things were originally intended for the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in WWII, but in the end military action was unnecessary there and they didn't see service until later. There were some — about ten, I think — used in Poland and France, and later on about fifteen in Russia. The last of them was lost in 1943.

Essentially, it consists of an 88mm AA gun mounted on a heavy half track; at first, the 12-tonne SdKfz 8, and later the 18-tonne SdKfz 9 Famo. They were originally intended as bunker-busters, and they did that job extremely well in Poland. In France, their role expanded to anti-tank duties as well. The first designs didn't allow the 88mm to be used in its original anti-aircraft role, but the later ones on the 18-tonne vehicle could.

This model is supposed to be the 18-tonne version, which is a bit of a pity, as I really wanted the version that served in France in 1940 which differed in several respects. The earlier model had no drop-down sides to extend the fighting platform, and the cab was just plated over with a small cupola for the driver. However, this will do as a generic representation for the wargames table.

I need to get a crew for it — I have some Peter Pig 15mm German artillerymen somewhere, if I can just find them — and I need to find out what, if any, markings it should have.

Next Day

I found those Peter Pig artillerymen, no mean feat I can tell you, considering the appalling shambles that is my workroom. I only put three on the vehicle, far fewer than the actual crew required to operate an 88, but any more and it becomes intolerably crowded. Which it would have been, I suppose.

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