Blender 2.80

Blender 2.80 is now officially in beta.

From various bits and pieces I've seen about it on Youtube, it looks as though many of the UI and UX changes will be pretty good in the long run, but they're so extensive that I'm now pretty much completely lost in it.

I no longer seem to be able to set specific values for things like extrusions, bevels, and so forth nearly as easily, as they're no longer immediately accessible on the toolbar. And when I've tried to do so via the pop-up gizmo, the measurement values appear to default to metres, in spite of the fact that I've set them to millimetres in the global settings. These are just a couple of the UI issues I've encountered in just a short time of playing with 2.80.

I'll be keeping an eye on it, and I'll have to learn my way around the new UI eventually, but for the moment the changes are such that they've made my modeling life harder and less precise, rather than the other way around. I'll be sticking with 2.79 for quite a while yet, I think.

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