Unusually Tough Supports

With Cura's tree supports
This is one of Duncan Louca's models, a hill giant, printed in eSun black PLA+ at 0.08mm. It was about an eight hour print.
After support removal

I re-scaled it to 66% of its base size, as it was originally much too large for my existing 28mm roleplaying miniatures, and I added a 36mm diameter base. It's still taller than an official D&D hill giant should be, but at a true-scale 10' tall, they just don't look giantish enough to me. This guy is more like 12' or 13'.

I used Cura's experimental "tree" supports, which I favour for miniatures like this because they tend to leave less mess behind than line or zig-zag supports, and normally they're easier to remove. In this case though, removal was a real chore. The trees are usually hollow, but these ones were filled with zig-zag infill, which made them very, very strong. Too strong. I've clearly checked a box or changed a parameter some time in the past and neglected to change it back, and I have no idea now what that parameter might have been. There are a lot of options in Cura.

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